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If walls could talk we'd pretty much guarantee they would sing the praises of Stonewest!


When we design and build, we create with passion. Our entire ethos is suffused with an approach that speaks of quality, loyalty and commitment. This extends not only to our craftmanship and vision, but through the very core of our business.

With 35 years experience our two directors Jamie and Jayne Brooks work on the principle of honesty and trust throughout the company and we extend this to the Stonewest team and every one of our customers. To us this means we approach our work with the utmost care and professionalism creating loyalty and harmony amongst the staff we see as integral to our success.

It's no surprise then that Stonewest have in their years been the proud recipients of a host of awards including the prestigious British House Builder of the Year Award and seven Gwynedd Built In Quality Awards. The Gwynedd Built In awards are especially meaningful to us as they illustrate our commitment to our longstanding, skilled local workforce.

So who are Stonewest ?

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